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Welcome to State College Friends School

An independent Quaker school for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. 

Pre-K offered at Friends Schoolhouse.

State College Friends is a warm, welcoming, loving, and very busy community of learners.

As a K-8 school, we face the interesting challenge of providing a nurturing and caring classroom environment, while holding high academic and behavioral expectations for our students. We endeavor to create a place where it's safe to take risks, a place where you can test your wings, knowing that you'll be comforted and encouraged on the occasions when you thud to the ground, and celebrated when those wings take you high into the air.

At Friends School, we see childhood as a magical time, a time for exploration and investigation of things both within and without; a time when children need nurturing and love and acceptance, as well as significant challenges and goals; a time when children learn that the world can be a wonderful place, but not without the active involvement of wonderful people committed to peace and justice. We are a microcosm where children can safely experiment for the future, and our students become not only great students, but great people.

We have a diverse student body, and Friends School families come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We unite, however, in our understanding that we're all in this together and that providing a firm, dependable foundation for children is a goal we all share. There's joy in that common understanding and it forms the basis for a spirit of community that includes not only our students, but their families and the school's faculty and staff. Our small size guarantees that no one can remain anonymous. It is a place where individuals are known, a place where each unique child is treasured.

Although our work is serious stuff, our building is full of laughter and affection. There are warm and easy relationships between students and their teachers. Our oldest and youngest students mix frequently, sometimes for class projects, at our all-school meetings, and for our weekly 'buddy' time. We celebrate the many holidays observed by our school families, learning more about one another in the process. Childhood may be hard work these days, but we don't want to forget to make time for fun.

Quaker schools have been in existence for more than 300 years, and have always recognized that teaching as fast as you can does not produce long-lasting results. Deep learning requires time for reflection, connection-forming, the solidification of skills and knowledge. At State College Friends School, we believe that the education of children is a deep and awesome process that results in something far more important than the next test score or the college acceptance letter. It may, in fact, result in remarkable people who can change the world.

We sincerely hope that your visit to our web site will be followed someday by a personal visit. We have a very special place here and we'd love to show you around.

Mary Ziegler and childrenFor more information about admissions, tuition, and curriculum please contact Mary Ziegler, Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions.

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