A Tradition of Successful Learners - Confident, Creative, Compassionate



Children with a Friends School education have the tools to view learning as a life-long process of exploration and self-discovery. They have the opportunity to carry the school values of equality, community, simplicity, and harmony with them through life and to use them to make a better world.

Providing this quality education requires a basis of support from financial gifts contributed by the wider Friends School community. Tuition alone does not sustain the school's vitality, support its dedicated teachers, enrich its programs, and carry the school into the future.  In fact, tuition does not cover the daily cost of educating each child; alternative sources of support are required.  As independent schools receive little state or federal funding, and have no private corporate sponsors, we turn to our Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, friends, and the local community as a necessary part of our fundraising work. 

When you contribute financially to State College Friends School through the Annual Fund, you become part of the culture of giving to support the rich academic and social experience that is our tradition.  It is a tradition of nurturing and preparing students to be confident, creative, compassionate lifelong learners.


As an independent school, we count on the generosity of many to supplement tuition. 

We strive for 100% participation from those closest to the school to reach our goal in direct contributions to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is a vital source of support for the quality education of State College Friends School.

Our school's fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.  Our Annual Fund campaign officially begins in the fall with the publication of our Annual Report of Giving from the previous year.  At the start of the new school year, we ask all current and past families, alumni, grandparents, and special friends to make a contribution or a pledge to the Annual Fund.  This early gift or commitment helps us to reach our fundraising goal before the very end of the year.

Beyond the commitment to directly support the Annual Fund, throughout the year we host several fundraising events, such as the SPICES of Life Gala to keep the momentum going.  We invite everyone to participate and to invite friends to participate in these events which are just as much about "friend" raising as they are about fundraising.  

Every gift is appreciated.  Every gift makes a difference.

"A Friendly Voice" is a bi-annual newsletter reflecting the work of the students and activity at the school. This black and white publication is mailed to homes and is available in color online.  We do not publish the names of donors online.  If you would like to receive a copy of the school's Annual Report of giving in its entirety, contact Lori Pacchioli, Director of Development at lorip@scfriends.org. 

While unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund allow money to be used where there is the greatest need, we invite additional support through a variety of specialized funds and endowments:  

The mission of Friends School is to provide a quality education for children. The hope each year is that no one's ability to pay becomes the reason a child can not attend. However, the reality is that the need for scholarship has grown faster than the school can provide. The school offers a variety of ways to support this part of the school's mission.

The General Scholarship Fund is composed of money raised through donations for scholarship. The assistance is available to any qualifying student.

The Myrtle Wright Scholarship Endowment was established to honor the memory of a dear friend of the school. Money donated to this fund is deposited as part of the endowment, and a percentage is used each year for qualifying Quaker and minority children.

General Endowment
The future possibilities of an independent school are largely determined by the size of its endowment. State College Friends School thrived and survived its first 25 years without any endowment. In the past several years however, an Endowment Fund has been started. Adding to this endowment is an important foundation for the security and stability of Friends School. Gifts can be direct donations or future gifts through planned giving.


Pictured:  The late Lauren Wright holds a memorial plaque honoring the memory of his wife Myrtle, for whom a Scholarship Endowment was created. We remember our friend Lauren Wright: July 9, 1918 - February 6, 2013

Special Thanks!

Thank you to the community-minded businesses who have supported State College Friends School with a scholarship donation through Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).

Thank you to local businesses and funding foundations who make an investment in the community through sponsored events, and financial contributions to our Scholarship Fund.  Students at State College Friends School enjoy a vigorous academic experience in a nurturing environment, where the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship provide a foundation for lifelong learning.  








Thank you to our first EITC contributor

this year:  Northwest Savings Bank.

If your company or organization would like to learn more about how to support a Friends education, through our Scholarship Fund or through the sponsorship of a special event or outreach publication, please contact Lori Pacchioli, Director of Development. lorip@scfriends.org or call,


We have also received generous financial support throughout the years from the following community-minded friends:

Staff Development
Staff professional development at Friends School is supported by the Sheri Powell Coles Endowment. Income from this fund enables teachers to attend workshops and conferences in various subject areas such as classroom management, child development, technology, conflict resolution, and Quaker educational practice.

Library Funds
The Whitney Mebane Memorial Fund was established in memory of a former student. This fund has provided a basis for continued giving to the Friends School library.

The Andrew Freemen Memorial Fund honors the memory of Andrew by using donations to purchase books for the library.

Charitable Bequests
Friends School has partnered with The Mennonite Foundation to provide a wide variety of opportunities for planned giving. Charitable gift annuities, Charitable Lead Trusts, and Charitable Remainder Trusts are examples of planned giving that are available. Or, planned giving can be the simple act of naming the school as a beneficiary in one's will.

Support from those closest to us is a vital measure of the value of Friends School when we apply for grants and assistance from foundations, and ask businesses to support us through the EITC program.  Please consider a gift to State College Friends School.   Thank you.

"Am I mindful of how my lifestyle and my investments can contribute to the improvement of the human condition, or to the exploitation of others?"
From the Queries on Social Responsibility
Faith and Practice