A Tradition of Successful Learners - Confident, Creative, Compassionate

Welcome to State College Friends School

State College Friends School is a Quaker coeducational college preparatory

school serving students from 3 years of age (Friends Schoolhouse) to 8th grade.

Thank you for visiting our website!  We welcome you to explore our pages to get a sense of our program and our learning community.  However, if you are interested in Friends, you must visit to get a true feel of our school. 


When you walk into State College Friends School, you immediately feel at home.  This is a school in which everyone truly knows your name, cares deeply about education, and has only the best interests of your children at heart.  At Friends, children grow as learners and individuals, supported by teachers who truly value their unique efforts and contributions.  We have a vibrant community rooted in respect for individuals and a commitment to appreciating children fully for who they are and with a vision for who they may become.  Academically, we believe that children learn best as active participants, collaborators and problem –solvers within a community. 


In the tradition of more than 80 Friends schools across the United States, the Quaker principles of integrity, equality, community, simplicity, and peace guide our school’s daily life. State College Friends School meets children’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs in an environment that nurtures their social consciousness.  At Friends school, character and achievement are inseparable.  We want our students to act with integrity; serve others; advocate for justice, peace and equality; and develop a lifelong passion for seeking truth.


On behalf of our staff, students and school families, I hope you find the information you seek on our website and perhaps, the inspiration to learn more about this remarkable community of teachers and learners.  In fact, if you are in the position of choosing a school, I urge you to consider visiting State College Friends School, see our program in action, and learn what is possible in a school.


We are grateful for your interest and eager to share our story with you.


Dan Hendey